Because Only Together We Can

Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued

Who We Are

Our organization, Symphony Outreach for the disabled was established and registered in 2019 with registration no: 223-903 NPO and consist of six(6) members at the moment, to facilitate in every area of the organization. 

The board might add some additional members in the future, to help in other areas of the organization. The members of the organization are committed and promised to be one hundred percent active in all outreach programs and will always try their outmost best to address every single matter in the community.

Each and every member in the organization is obligated to fulfill their mission and to live out their passion to the best of their abilities. Our organization and its members are committed to serve the needy in our community.

What We Do


— Soup Kitchen

feeding scheme for the young and unemployed


— Disable Sport

to encourage the youth to participate in sports


— Arts and crafts

teaching the youth and older persons the ability to explore their creative side.


— Recruiting

to register disabled and none disabled persons for learnership, getting the youth off street corners and older persons away from alcohol and drug abuse.


— Gardening

community vegetable garden to grow our own fresh food for our soup kitchen and the community.