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Biloba Unica hinge

Balustrade fittings

Balustrade Hand rail

Balustrade Base rail

Folding door systems

Sliding gear

Shower fittings

What We Do

- Sport and Recreation

- Art and Culture

- Community Gardening

- Soup Kitchen

- Recruiting

- Computer Training

- Recycling Projects


We are in partnership with Suzie’s Projects (Pty) Ltd, with registration no: 2012 / 123558 / 07, situated in Westbank. That way the directors, Mr Andrew Manuel and Mrs Susanna Manuel, of Suzie’s Projects, can give back to the poverty-stricken communities in the Western Cape. To fulfill our vision & mission and Suzie’s Projects’ the plan is to establish a collection depot for recyclable materials and in exchange, when value of delivery is established, the community can drop-off their recyclable material at the depot and select living necessities from our Recycling Shop.

The established collection point was identified at Abedare Primary School as the suitable area in Delft that is central to activities and also big enough to sort and store recycled material. Our NPO, The School and Suzie’s Projects will be remunerated for all products donated to the recycling shop.  


Ms KS Qokela, the principal of Abedare Primary School accepted our proposal.

The project is based on profit sharing between the three partners, Symphony Outreach for the Disabled, Abedare Primary School and Suzie’s Projects (Pty) Ltd.

The operation will be run as a business and business hours will be maintained. The envisaged hours will be either in the morning before or after school.

The idea is to support our cash flow for our projects and to assist the community in Symphony Way, Delft, Cape Town.